Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Good and Not-So-Good News...

So I have good news and well, not-so-good news.

I'll share the good news first. Our dossier has been delivered to our facilitator in E's country!! We are very thankful to have this huge step done and can't wait until it's translated and ready to be submitted.

Now for the other news. Shortly after I posted our update yesterday, I received a call from our senator's office. USCIS denied our expedite request. Basically that means that our approval will not be expedited and we'll have to wait for the normal processing time it takes which is usually 2-2.5 months from time of submission. We're currently at about 5 weeks since submission so hopefully soon we'll get our approval even without it being expedited! I know God's timing is perfect, but I have to admit I was disappointed to hear this. We're clinging to His sovereignty and the fact that no man can thwart God's plan. So even though this is bad news to us, God is not surprised nor does this "mess up" His timeline. We are continuing to pray for this approval and trusting Him since we can't see the big picture. Please pray that our faith would be strengthened during this time and for our baby girl's safety while we wait!


  1. God can and does move mountains. He will place people at just the right place at just the right time to make things happen. Keep the faith your approval will be forthcoming.

    1. Thank you for your words of encouragement, Trina!