Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekly Update #1

I've decided to do a weekly update to keep everyone in the loop with Elizabeth's adoption. So here it is...

-I spoke with our senator's office and sent in a medical necessity letter signed by our doctor to be forwarded on to USCIS in hopes for an expedited approval. I also left a message with a supervisor at immigration (USICS) to find out if they are going to expedite our case for medical necessity. Hopefully, I'll get a call back from him soon! I figured I'd try on my own and try to get help from our senators. The senator's office said it may take a few days to hear back since our request goes through 2-3 people before an approval can be expedited. *Please be praying for favor with those who are deciding on our case and for an expedited approval!*

-We sent our dossier off as you will remember from this post. I checked the tracking and it is in the destination city, but hasn't been delivered to our facilitator yet since today is a holiday over there. *Please pray for safe delivery and quick translation!*

-It's very hard for us to know our baby girl is waiting, each day lying in a bed for hours on end, without the kisses and cuddles we long to give her, not knowing what it means to be loved by a family. It breaks my heart to know that even if these children have good nannies who care about them, there isn't enough of them to love on each child in the orphanage. Most of these children are only held to be fed and changed, there are just too many of them for any other contact to occur. More than just physical love, these children need the hope of the gospel as we all do! To be taught who Jesus is and what his sacrifice on the cross and resurrection means for us as sinners. *Please pray that God will move hearts to action and families will step forward to answer the call of adoption that is so desperately needed for these children! Pray for us to patiently trust His timing as we wait for the day we get to walk out with our baby girl and go home! We're looking forward to that day with great anticipation: )*

-One thing we've been told by many adoptive families is not to worry about the money, God will provide! I believe it as I've already seen our great God provide for adoptive families in awesome ways! We're hoping to do a garage sale in late February so I'm going to be sending out an email to some family and friends to see if anyone has anything they're getting rid of/donating. Hopefully it will be successful in raising some funds and help spread the word about these precious children waiting for families. *Please continue to pray for the financial aspect of our journey that we would patiently trust His timing as we work to raise the money to bring Elizabeth home!*

Well, that's it for now. I will definitely post an update when we know more about our USCIS case and dossier delivery! Thank you for joining us and praying for us on this exciting and sometimes crazy journey to bring Elizabeth home!

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