Sunday, February 19, 2012


I had to go to the emergency clinic last night as I just couldn't shake this sore throat after completing a 10 day round of antibiotics Wednesday for strep throat. After another strep test, it looks like that dose wasn't strong enough to completely kill it. So...this doctor gave me a shot and another 10 day antibiotic. Hopefully this will do it and I'll be rid of strep and all the not-so-great stuff that goes with it.

All that to say, PLEASE pray for our family! We will hopefully be getting our travel dates in the next week or two and would be traveling just a couple weeks after that, so we need to be in good health. There is so much to do still to prepare for our trip and our big garage sale is this coming Thursday-Saturday as well. I need energy and stamina to get through these next few weeks and would greatly appreciate the prayers of fellow believers!


  1. Praying you'll get a travel date soon, and that you'll all be better before that!