Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weekly Update #3

Time for another weekly update and what a busy week this has been already!

1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETHAN!! What a joy and blessing our oldest child is to our family. He had a rough beginning coming into this world almost 2 months early and requiring lots of medical care, but now is a healthy, strong, and energetic 7 YEAR OLD boy! We praise God for the gift he is to our family and pray he will grow into a man of integrity, honoring God in all things! We love you, son!

2. Today I have some dear friends coming over to help me sort through the mountain of stuff for our garage sale that starts tomorrow morning. Our garage is literally bursting at the seams, I don't think we can fit much more in there so it's a good thing the sale starts tomorrow! We seriously couldn't do this without them as well as everyone who has contributed things to sell! THANK YOU to everyone who has donated, spread the word, and are helping with the sale!! This will be our last fundraiser before we leave so we are hoping for a large turnout with everything (or at least most of it) being sold over the next couple of days.

3. I went shopping for a lot of the items on my packing list yesterday. I bought some over-the-counter meds, travel accessories, and a few food items. Trying to get as much done before we get our travel date as my brain will be mush from excitement!

4. Speaking of a travel date, we are HOPING for a phone call early in the morning with news of our date!! I've already started a pile in my closet of some things we need to pack. There is still much that needs to be done, so I'm thankful we've been able to get some things checked off our list! Please be praying for us as we wait to hear when we can go meet our daughter and hold her for the first time!

There's much to be done so I must go now, but will hopefully have exciting news tomorrow morning to report: )

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  1. You're almost there! Hoping you hear good news early in the morning! Good luck on the garage sale.