Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kandles for Elizabeth

My sweet friend Kristi, owner of Kristi's Kandles, has so kindly offered to donate 30% of all profits made now through January 31st to our adoption fund! Please head over to her page and check out all her delightful scents!

Kristi's Kandles offers hand-poured, scented soy candles in 4 different sizes and clamshells for your wax warmers, such as Scentsy warmers. There are many yummy scents to choose from that will make your home and office smell absolutely wonderful! There are many benefits of using soy candles:

- Soy wax BURNS CLEANER. Recent study shows that paraffin candles release cancer-causing agents into the air. Soy does not.

- Soy candles PROMOTE THE AMERICAN FARMER as soy beans are grown on American soil.

- Soy candles BURN LONGER AND COOLER than paraffin candles, giving you a longer-lasting candle while saving you money.

- Soy wax cleans up with warm, soapy water unlike other candles.

Go on over and check out her page! Thank you for supporting us through buying her amazing candles!

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