Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Moving Right Along...

*Insert Contented Sigh and Big Smile*

Guess what I received in the mail today?? Yep, our USCIS fingerprint appointments!! Thankfully I was alone in the car when I went to check the mailbox because when I saw them, I literally shrieked with excitement and did a little dance in my seat: ) Now I know this doesn't mean we'll have our approval when we're hoping, but it is definitely one (big) step in the right direction. L's passport was also in our mailbox today and boy, does he look adorable in his little picture! His passport only took 12 days from application to being in our hands and we didn't even expedite it. Another point in the govt's favor, if you're keeping tabs. 

In addition to our happy news above, I was able to get a couple more things done today for the dossier. Lord-willing, we should be able to be completely done with our dossier around the New Year! Considering we just committed to our baby girl the day before Thanksgiving, the process is moving quickly for which we are so very thankful. We did already have our home study almost completed, so that has helped as well. 

Just wanted to share that and ask that you continue to pray for Elizabeth, favor with the govt officials in her country, and our hearts as we wait to be united with her. 

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