Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One Step Closer

I'm starting to see the light at the end of this very long tunnel... we're getting stuff done and had a very productive day! We had to go to the capital city today to get our background check, fingerprinting and apostille for our first set of documents. Slowly, but surely our checklist is getting smaller!

We shipped our first set of docs to EE this afternoon and they will be in our facilitator's hands on Thursday (hopefully)! We still have lots of documents that need our attention, but now that some of the paperwork is done, this whole adoption things seems a bit more doable. Not to say that I won't be thinking how incredibly difficult it is later, but for now I feel a bit more confident we'll actually have our baby at the end of this process.

We also received our passports in the mail today and it only took a week! Yay for the U.S. govt, they actually got it done in less time than they said they would! I'm writing this down because it's likely never to happen again: )

We are one step closer to bringing Elizabeth home and that helps me keep at all the crazy paperwork in addition to my full-time job taking care of our home and children. I'm thankful for all our family and friends who've been so supportive and kind in helping us on our journey. A BIG thank you to my mom-in-law, Carole, for watching the littles today so we could go get everything done quickly and know they were well taken care of and not missing us: )

And don't forget we have our coffee fundraiser going on and you can click on the button we have at the upper right side of our blog that will take you to our support page. Thank you to those who have bought coffee and spread the word to others! We very much appreciate your support!

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