Tuesday, March 20, 2012

6 DAYS!!

We are just 6 days away from starting a journey that will forever change our lives!! I keep imagining how our first meeting will go and so many questions are running through my head. Will she go to us willingly or will she be scared? Will we have an instant connection or is it going to take days, weeks, months? Is she doing well or is she very sick? How long will we have to wait to be legally declared her parents?

Whatever happens, we know that God's grace will sustain us during this time as we lean wholly on him and his perfect providence. We know that trusting in his plan doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be easy which is why we are praying for grace to bear whatever the future holds. Please pray with us that we will trust the Lord in trying times and hold fast to his Word as we take each day as it comes.

Ok, here is the progress report on yesterday's mission:

I went through everything and weeded out what wasn't absolutely necessary. I think I may have to rethink "absolutely necessary", but I guess we'll see what the final weight is on our suitcases soon and go from there. I was able to pack all of Libby girl's (one of our nicknames for our girl) clothes and other things we're bringing for her!! I also pulled clothes for the rest of us that just need to be vacuum sealed in space*bags. So I completed all I hoped to accomplish yesterday: )

Today's mission: Seal clothes in space*bags and start putting in suitcase. Today's mission is going to be light as we have plans this evening with family. It's Nana's 77th Birthday today!! Happy Birthday Nana, we love you!!


  1. One thing you can leave behind until the next trip is Libby's clothes. Wait and bring them the next trip. That way you'll know for sure what size to bring...sort of.

    I cried when we left the kids to drive to the airport. But, once we were there and all we had to do to get ON the plane, I was ok. I didn't cry again until I saw Alice.

  2. I love the nickname Libby. :) I wondered about space bags...If they work well for your trip, maybe we will take them on ours! Praying for y'all as you prepare for this adventure.