Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Waiting Game...a not-so-fun game

I had hoped this post would be a huge celebratory announcement about getting our travel date and how my brain was mush from excitement, but unfortunately, it's not. My brain is mush, but not from excitement. We were told the 7 families that were submitted 2/9/12 should start getting our dates starting today, but found out yesterday that it was not going to happen today. No reason as to why or when to expect to get our travel date, so I have no idea as to when we'll hear any news. When I found this out, my heart literally ached as tears flowed.

I know God is in control and His timing is perfect. In my frailty, it is hard to wait without any idea of a timeline. I'm a planner and this adoption has completely turned that side of me upside down! So, will you please pray for us as we wait to joyfully submit to God's timing and plan? That's a hard one for me right now!

Please continue to pray for favor with these govt officials and for a quick-as-possible process in country. One of the reasons we're hoping for a sooner rather than later date (other than the obvious reason of wanting to see and snuggle our girl) is that there is an upcoming period of shut down for a couple of weeks so if we don't have court before then, we will very likely have to make 3 trips instead of 2. In addition to the added expense of another trip (plane tickets, lodging, food, etc), going back and forth with the time difference is rough on the body and it would delay her homecoming that much longer. So, we are asking you to PLEASE pray for us and our situation as we wait! Pray for our precious girl for health and safety as well!

In the meantime, we are continuing to get ready for our trip and each day I'm crossing things off my to-do list. We have all of our clothing and shoes, just need to get all the little stuff together so we can start packing. My plan is to have our bags packed and ready to go in case they give us a few days instead of a couple weeks to be over there. Hopefully we'll have some wonderful news next time I post!

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