Thursday, March 29, 2012

DAP Appointment

We got a great and full night of sleep last night!! Thank you to all of those who have been praying for us, we are feeling much better today: )

We woke up and hit the ground running this morning. Our driver called last night to let us know he'd be here at 11am since our DAP appt was for 12pm. He picked us and another couple up then headed to the DAP. It wasn't quite what I was expecting as we were taken to an office upstairs and told to sit down on the couch. Then our facilitator began asking us a couple of questions and translated our answers. When I told them I was a stay-at-home mom, they asked how many children we have and after I told them, their eyes were wide in amazement! They couldn't believe we have 4 children and how young we looked, especially Richard: ) They even told another lady who was in the room outside of the office to come guess our age and how many children we have! We had our photo book with us and gave it to them to look through so they could see our children and our home.

The DAP worker then brought our file over and began giving us some details about our beautiful baby girl along with a new picture. My heart literally skipped a beat when we saw her photo and I had to focus on what the lady was saying so I wouldn't begin to cry. I couldn't believe that it was really happening, we are here and we're going to be meeting Libby girl in a few days!! We are concerned about some health issues that we were told about and will hopefully get a more detailed medical history on Monday when we meet with the orphanage doctor. So, please pray for her safety while we wait to complete this adoption process and get to bring her home!

After our appointment, the team took us and the other 2 families out for coffee and answered all of our questions. They are a GREAT group and I am SO thankful to be working with them!! You can tell they really love these kids and care about them! We talked with them for a while and then our driver took us to the store to get a few things. After we were done at the store, we headed home exhausted and thankful for the day's activities.

Since we got home, we've been resting and eating dinner along with some chocolate we bought here: ) It is very yummy and I'm going to be getting more tomorrow! We will be here in the city until Saturday evening and will then go by train to her region. It will take us 15 hours to get there! We will begin our day early Monday morning going to her orphanage to meet her and get the ball rolling on our court process. It generally takes 7-12 days to have court from the first day we meet her which is Monday the 2nd of April. Once we have court, we can either stay and wait out the 12 days that are required or go home. We are planning to go home and come back when the waiting period is over. Our second trip should be much quicker and hopefully we'll only have to be gone about a week. As we get closer, we will know more regarding the timeline.

Please continue to pray for our Libby's health and for a QUICK process so we can get her home SOON! Thank you!!


Group shot of the 3 families who had their appt today with the team: )

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