Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Birth Certificate...Check!

It's been such a great day with much to celebrate! We started this morning with Violetta, our facilitator (and friend; )) picking us up and going to get the decision of the court. We must have that to get a new birth certificate and other paper work needed to finalize the adoption. After we picked this up, we headed to the Regional Registry office where our baby girl was registered so that we could apply for a new birth certificate, naming us as her parents along with her new name, Elizabeth Joy Rector.

There were some circumstances surrounding our situation that would make it difficult for us to get it today and possibly have to wait which would delay us getting home. We've already booked our plane tickets home, we miss our other kids at home like crazy, and we just want to get home and start our life as a complete family, so needless to say, we were very hopeful that today would be the day! God truly worked in our situation and answered our prayers as it says in Proverb 21:1 "The king's heart is a stream of water in the hand of the Lordhe turns it wherever he will."We were able to pick it up at 4pm today!! We are SO thankful for His mercy and kindness! Because of getting this today, we were able to go and get her tax ID number (much like our social security number in the States) and start the passport process as well as book our flights back to Kiev for Thursday for the embassy appointment. 

Tomorrow we will get her passport and have one other task before we GO GET HER out of the orphanage!! We will never have to turn around and leave her again: ) Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!! Tomorrow is GOTCHA day! I can't begin to explain the emotions that I feel when I think about this. Joy, thankfulness, relief, awe, amazement...these are just a few. We haven't been able to see our girl this trip so we are VERY excited to see her tomorrow and overjoyed to know we will have her in our arms for good! 

We will make sure to post lots of pictures tomorrow! Please continue to pray as we have to have our embassy visit with a medical exam that she has to pass before we can be released to go back home. We don't anticipate anything major, but know there have been some families delayed from this appointment. We're very much hoping to be home on Saturday and be reunited with our family and friends!

Now to try and get some sleep!! Aaahhh, I don't think I can sleep...too much excitement to think about for tomorrow: )

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  1. Rejoicing with you. Memories are flooding back as I read your post and I am overwhelmed with excitement and the fast pace of things needing to happen for you. I just know that no matter what happens our God is faithful to see you through.