Thursday, April 5, 2012

Brother Meets Baby Sister

It was quite a busy and important day as our youngest son, who is with us in country, met his baby sister for the first time! He was fascinated by her and promptly began trying to pet her face and kiss her: ) She was a bit shocked by it, but recovered well and even smiled at him! We carefully showed him how to be gentle with her and she seemed to enjoy her time with him.

We've so enjoyed our Elizabeth Joy and look forward to bringing her home for the rest of our family and friends to meet her! Here are a few shots we got today with our sweet baby girl!

Both visits ended with our Libby girl sweetly sleeping in our arms. Round 1 was daddy's turn and I took round 2: )

Our baby girl has started cooing and making oh-so-precious sounds! We were able to get it on video today and we just had to show everyone: )

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  1. Your blog posts are like a ray of sunshine every day!!!! That video of her...precious! The love you have for that little girl shows all over your faces. Thank you for the privilege of following your journey :)