Monday, April 9, 2012

Hi, Again!

Oh, it was so good to see our Elizabeth Joy again today!! We didn't get to visit her yesterday and we definitely missed her! We went to a church here in our town with two ladies we met through a missionary that used to live in this area. It was great to worship with fellow believers and enjoy Christian fellowship while we're away from our home church. So as you can imagine, we were excited to be with our Libby girl again today: )

It's late here so I will just leave you with some pictures and video of our girl today!
Our little man loving on his little sister!

And since I'm not writing a full post, I will leave you with 2 videos: )



  1. Awwww....sweet big brother :) and her little voice is just too precious!!

  2. I LOVE her videos!!! And that's not just her mouth, her whole face lights up!!!