Friday, April 6, 2012

Our Expressive Girl

Each day we visit our Libby girl, she seems to show us a bit more of her personality. In just the few days we've known her, she is becoming quite expressive: ) Her MANY facial expressions keep us laughing and entertained! She will fit right in at home as we have another very expressive daughter who shall remain nameless.

Sorry it's blurry, but I just had to post it to show her A.DOR.ABLE smile!

"Talking" to Mommy and Daddy

Lord-willing, ONE WEEK from today we will be named the blessed parents of Elizabeth Joy RECTOR!! Please continue to pray for us to find favor with our judge and that the process will be completed without any hiccups! We are hopeful that we will, indeed, have court next Friday and be granted our petition.

I will leave you with a video of our baby girl. I told Richard today that I don't think I could love her more if I tried: ) We are beyond happy to add this precious girl to our family!

Thank you to everyone who has been encouraging us through email and Facebook, we are so thankful to know so many are praying for us and love our family!!


  1. Oh Laura, she is amazing, I love hearing her talk to you. Brought tears to my eyes to hear her talking to you, Love it!! *hugs*