Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thoughts on our Life Here

I was planning on posting yesterday, but the evening got away from me as we decided to sit down and watch a movie together. By the time we finished, I was too tired so today's post will be extra long: )

Other than missing our other kiddos at home (A LOT!), we're doing really well! I've so enjoyed this country and our apartment in our region is located close to a busy shopping area with lots of restaurants and coffee shops. I thought I'd lose weight here with the different food, but boy, was I wrong!! I think I've actually gained and hope I can fit into my clothes when I get home. We have a yummy pizza place within close walking distance of our apartment that we've eaten at a few times. We've also been to a nicer little restaurant here with english menus as well as a couple of yummy little french and italian coffee cafes. The coffee cafes have pastries and desserts along with many delicious coffees and teas. The chocolate is abundant and wonderful as well as the breads and cheeses! I'm going to miss being able to walk a short distance to the market and get our groceries for a couple of days. It's nice to have convenient access to fresh food and get to take a walk in beautiful weather.

Now, lest you think it's all been roses here, I will say there are definitely times when I fall apart and just cry as my husband holds me. I miss my kiddos at home more than words can say!! I just want to hold them and smell them and kiss them. I. CAN. NOT wait to be home with them and love on them!

Also, I really can't put into words how difficult it is to walk into the orphanage and see the cribs with babies just lying there. Most of the time it's eerily quiet and not because they're all sleeping. They are awake just lying there and most of them have nothing more than a blanket in the crib with them. No toys, no music, not much interaction other than being fed or changed, day after day.

Our Libby girl is the only one I saw that has toys in her crib and I'm pretty sure that came from someone who has visited her. She is in the infirmary where the sick babies are housed. Most of these babies don't get visitors or have someone to hold them and talk to them, love on them or sing to them. It breaks my heart each time I walk in her room to get her and walk past these babies who look up at me. I want so badly to pick them up, love on them, tell them they are precious, but I can't, it's not allowed. Their beautiful faces have been forever burned in my memory and I pray I never forget! I hope this will spur me to continually speak up for those who cannot and help raise awareness that they are here while we go on with our lives never giving a second thought to them or even knowing they exist. Please don't misunderstand me, Libby is at a really good orphanage and I am thankful for the staff. But there is no way possible for those children to be loved on and taken care of the way they would be in a family by a few of the staff, especially as the workers are ever changing.

Please, if you haven't already, go now to Reece's Rainbow and look at all the precious children waiting for families. How can you be a part of helping them? Maybe you can donate to one of their funds or can post on Facebook about them or set up a fundraiser to help a family in process who still lack the funds to bring their child home! There are many ways we can help and Reece's Rainbow isn't the only place that helps families and raises awareness. Above all, please pray for these precious souls, we can ALL do that! If you have any questions or want more information about the organization or specific country program, PLEASE contact me and I am happy to discuss it with you!! If I can't answer your questions, there are many people I know who can: )

We are hoping to either bring some items with us on our 2nd trip to donate to the orphanage like diapers, clothes, and toys or just take some extra money over with us and buy those items there to save on luggage fees. We need to see how many bags we're allowed first and then we'll decide from there. As you can see in the pictures we post each day, Libby and the other children wear the same clothes for days at a time and often they are very worn. We won't get to dress her in the clothes we brought until we take her out of the orphanage after our 10 day wait period is up closer to the end of the month. If any of you would like to donate, please let me know as we will only be home for about a week before we plan to return.

When I think about leaving our girl here, I immediately begin to tear up and my heart literally aches! I just want to bring her home NOW, but this isn't how the process works so we must wait. I feel like I am torn as I ache for my kids at home and ache over leaving Libby. It's definitely a tough thing to deal with, but know that Lord-willing, we will be reunited with her after a short time and will bring her home!! Please pray for us as we have to say good-bye for a time on Friday and for her that she will be comforted and well taken care of in our absence.

Libby in the sling for the first time! She loved it: )

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