Monday, April 2, 2012

Introducing Elizabeth Joy!!!

We got up this morning with great anticipation as we knew today was the day we were going to meet our daughter! Our facilitators picked us up and we headed to the social services department to meet the regional social worker to get permission to see our baby girl. She was very nice, quickly signed the paper we needed and we were on our way to the orphanage. We were led to the director's office where we were able to ask questions about Libby's medical history and how she is doing currently. The director was a warm, caring lady who really seems to care for the children and generously answered our many questions.

We were then taken upstairs to a playroom with lots of toys, a couple couches, and a piano. About a minute later a lady walked in carrying our Elizabeth Joy in her arms. I gasped and quickly reached out to hold her. Tears were brimming in my eyes as I locked eyes with our new daughter. It is a moment I will never forget. We began talking to her and she kept staring up at us, probably wondering who these 2 babbling crazies were: )

They left us alone for 15-20 minutes and we cuddled, kissed, and talked to her. I also tried about 18 different bows and headbands on her. Just so you know - she looked beautiful in of them! As we talked to her, she smiled so big at times even giggling some! We kept telling her over and over that Mama and Papa are here and she is going home as soon as we can! We showed her our photo book with her brothers and sister and her new room and crib. I think she was quite pleased as she intently stared at it: )

We kissed her goodbye and promised we'd be back soon. She was taken back to her bed and we were off to the notary to start the necessary paperwork to get a court date. The hope is that we'll have court sometime mid-to-late next week and be home by next weekend. It takes 10-12 days to get a court date here so our prayer is as soon as possible we can be made the legal parents of our baby girl!! Please pray for all the paperwork to be completed QUICKLY so we can get her home soon!!

We were able to go back and spend more time with her this afternoon. We enjoyed a longer visit this time. Richard played the piano and we sang to her. She really liked that! I think we have another musician on our hands! She has the perfect fingers to play piano and seems to love music. Thankfully we know the perfect teacher: ) Her daddy is looking forward to introducing her to all things music and one day teaching her to play beautiful music!

She started getting really tired so we took that as our cue to leave and let her get a much needed nap. It was quite a big day for her and we could tell she wan't used to so much stimulation. We will go back 2 times each day to visit and love on her! We are so thankful for this opportunity and our hearts are full of joy! Thank you to everyone who is praying for us and our sweet Libby girl! Please continue to pray that we will have a smooth process and bring her home SOON! We sure do miss our kiddos at home and can't wait to be reunited with them! I will leave you with some pics of our beautiful girl: )


  1. She is SO cute! Congrats! Enjoy the next 2 weeks of visits.

  2. *tears* of joy to see you together at last. We continue to pray the Lord would strengthen and sustain all of you through this process. Praise the Lord for His mercy.