Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday Siesta and Smiles

Since it is Saturday, it was a quiet day at the orphanage for both of our visits. Our first visit with Libby Joy was a relaxed one with her falling asleep within minutes of us arriving. She slept for the rest of our visit. It was a sweet time with her to watch her sleep and just snuggle her close.

For our second visit, she was in a playful mood and we decided to try some tummy time with her. We laid her blanket out on the rug and put her on her tummy. She did really well! She held her head up and used her arms to keep herself steady. It did make her tired as she would stay up for a little bit then lay her head down and rest for a while. She worked hard though and showed great determination: )

We then laid her on her back and she rolled to her side a few times. She's close to rolling over, but hasn't quite figured out how to get completely over. She has, however, found her feet! She sure did enjoy playing with them!

In the meantime, I was loving on my girl and enjoying her playing: )

Here is a video during our playtime with her today: )

Tomorrow we will not be able to see her since they are not fully staffed with it being Sunday so we are thankful for the precious time with her today and look forward to seeing our baby girl again on Monday!! It was very difficult to leave her today and it grows increasingly so as each day passes.

We are visiting a church here in our region that my mom-in-law found through a missionary that used to live here. We met with 2 of the ladies today that go to the church and they speak english. They are very kind and we are looking forward to worshiping on the Lord's Day tomorrow with these fellow believers.

Dasvidaniya (goodbye)! : )

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  1. It seems with each visit (post for us) that Libby's joy is growing. Her eyes sparkle and her smile seems to get brighter.
    We so love to see the new pictures each day. Thank you for sharing these precious days through your blog.
    Praying for endurance and the grace to wait for your court date to come. Some of the longest the last week of pregnancy!
    We love your family. So glad you found a place to worship there on the Lord's Day.