Sunday, April 1, 2012

Don't Think I Can Sleep!!

We made it to the region where our Elizabeth Joy is located after a 15 hour train ride this morning. The tiny train car we were all in felt like a sauna even though it was in the 30s outside. We didn't have a temperature control so there was no way to adjust it. Other than that, it was fine and we all slept for a good part of the trip. Our facilitators picked us up and brought us to our apartment where we'll be staying while we're here for the next week and half or so. They were great, making sure we were comfortable and everything was taken care of for us. It's a comfortable apartment and quite roomy inside.

We will meet our new daughter tomorrow morning. As I write that, I have so many emotions - excitement, fear, thankfulness, wonder, awe. Excitement to be here, fear about her health and how she is doing, thankfulness we've been chosen to be her parents, wonder and awe at God's plan. I can't believe we're finally here just hours away from meeting our baby girl whom we've worked so hard to get to, it almost doesn't feel real, like a dream.

I gathered everything we brought for her in our backpack to take with us to the orphanage. We packed a few toys, a stuffed animal, lots of hair bows/bands and a couple of pacifiers. Our camera is charging and I have a back up memory card just in case I run out of room on the current one: ) We also have a list of questions to ask the doctor about Libby girl so we can get an idea of her health and what to expect when we get back to the States.

Please pray for us for clear communication with the staff and doctor tomorrow as well as favor with them. Also, pray for Elizabeth that she will have good health and be well so we can spend lots of time with her over the coming days before court. We will take lots of pictures and post as soon as we are able tomorrow! Thank you for praying and for coming alongside us as we have worked to get here and bring our baby girl home!

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