Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Princess Elizabeth

We were able to have two visits with Elizabeth today! My mom-in-law came with me this morning so she could meet her new granddaughter for the first time: )

We had a good visit with her and took lots more pictures!

I love this girl more each time I see her and am enjoying getting to know her personality.

My sweet girl was pooped from our time together and she ended up falling asleep on me. *Contented Sigh*

Richard and I went to see her on the second visit and was glad to see she was full of smiles!

We broke out the toys we brought and she enjoyed playing while we took video and more pictures. A nanny came in while we were in the playroom and called Elizabeth a princess. I smiled and we agreed. Princess Elizabeth...it has a nice ring to it! (I tried loading the video we took, but it's not wanting to load. If I figure it out, I'll post it.)

It was Richard's turn to get his baby girl to sleep as she laid her head on him and fell fast asleep: )


  1. She is too precious :) It melts my heart to see her asleep in your arms.

  2. Our kids gathered around to see the latest pictures of you with Libby. Kathlena said "ahh it's one of the Rector kids" Choking back tears I said yes it is! Thank you for sharing these precious moments. You are in our prayers continually.

  3. she is so sweet. love the smile. she seems so content with you and Richard. Have you heard any word on court yet? Btw also love pic with grandma glad she got to go. xoxo prayers everyday.